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Roulette Rules: Beginner’s Guide

Undoubtedly, Roulette has always been the most popular casino game that every player wishes to play & win. Why not give yourself the best chance to earn real money by playing this simple & easy king of casino games? Explore this guide to know the basic roulette rules, and how to play roulette in four easy steps. Roulette may seem hard to win, at first sight, but we’ll help you make the most out of this fun wheel game.

How can we define end goals in Roulette?

To win money is the ultimate & end goal of roulette. If you want to earn real money, then you must know how this fascinating wheel game works. Roulette is a mini-wheel game with a total of 37 or 38 numbers on it depending on the variant. Bet on your favorite numbers, and wait until the rolling balls land on the single number after the wheel has stopped spinning. If your guess happens to be right, you’ll get the respective payout according to the bet type. In short words, all you need to do is predict & win!

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A Complete Step-by-Step Guide of How to play Roulette?

Keeping in mind the new player’s level of understanding, we have segmented the game of roulette into different sections. Simply walk through each step to learn the rules of roulette, different bet types, and roulette variations before you start playing. Let’s take a look!

Step-by-Step Roulette Game Algorithm

1. Place your bet
2. Croupier/Dealer Spins the Wheel
3. Get Results Of The Game Round
4. Leave or Start over for a new game of roulette.

Step 1: Wager Some Money

Before you begin, it’s important to choose the numbers you want to bet on. Keep in mind that players are allowed to place bets at single or multiple numbers. A variety of roulette bets from straight, column to basket with different payouts are available. It’s better to decide beforehand the bet amount you want to put at stake. Luckily, if you won; obtain the winning amount by multiplying your wagered amount with the respective payout.

Different Roulette Bets:

1. Straight up (35:1)

2. Split (17:1)

3. Street (11:1)

4. Corner (8:1)

5. Five numbers (Basket)

6. Six Line (5:1)

7. Column (2:1)

8. Dozen (2:1)

9. Even/Odd (1:1)

10. Red/Black (1:1)

11. High/Low (1:1)

Announced Bets/ Call bets

As the name suggests, announced bets are placed by the live dealer on the numbers called out by the players. No chips are moved on the individual spots on the roulette table while placing announcing bets, but they still are considered active. The player has to announce the wagering amount on a particular spot and the dealer in turn marks the bet. Placed mostly by the high rollers; Announced bets are also referred to as French bets because they are mostly available in the French roulette version.

Announced Bet types:

1. Visions du zero

2. Orphelins

3. Tiers du cylindre

4. Jeu Zero

Announced Bet types

Get The Table And Bet Limits

Before you get started playing roulette, it’s important to know the bet limits, and understand how the roulette table works. Each roulette table comes with minimum & maximum bet limits. The minimum bet represents the amount each player has to wager to join the table. Whereas the maximum bet reveals the amount that the players cannot exceed. 

Also, keep in mind that the wagering amount can vary depending on the specific bet type, and the casino. Whether it’s about online or offline casinos; the betting limit varies for both Inside and Outside bets. Now quickly take a look at the table below to know the payouts of different bets.

Dragon Jackpot Roulette

Straight up0.1100
Six Line0.1600

Relax Roulette

Straight up0.1250
Six Line0.11600

Step 2: The Wheel Spins

After the dealer has announced ‘no more bets’, the next step is to spin the wheel.No player is allowed to place bets once the wheel starts spinning. For your information, only the dealer is allowed to spin the wheel & roll the ball. All the participants have to wait until the wheel stops, and the ball lands on a single number.

Step 3: Declare the Results

Now, the dealer will announce the winner based on the particular spot or number where the ball landed. The lost bets are folded and added to the house’s collection. And, the winner is rewarded with the respective payout of bet type.

BetPayoutExample (initial bet $10)
Straight up35:110+35*10=360
Six Line5:110+5*10=60

The final amount a winner will receive depends on the wagering amount and type of bet they placed.  To win a bigger amount of money, always check the respective payouts of your chosen bets.

STEP 4- Quit or Play Again

Finally, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to stick around the roulette table for another game round or simply leave. Though it’s advised to take a break to refresh your mind and improve your strategy. Rest, if budget is not an issue, play roulette as long as it seems interesting, and fun. We won’t stop you!

What Roulette Versions are Available?

There are three most popular roulette versions that you’ll come across in every online & offline casino. They are American, French, and European Roulette which differ from each other in terms of wheel type, table layout, and bet types. Rest you’ll find abundant advanced roulette versions in casinos online. Now, let’s discuss the three main types of roulette!

European Roulette

1. House edge 2,7%
2. Single-zero roulette wheel
3. 0 to 37 numbers

American Roulette

1. House edge 5.26%
2. 38 numbers (including 0 & 00)
3. Double zero roulette wheel.
4. The surrender rule may apply
5. Basket Bet available

French roulette

1. House edge 1.35%
2. 37 numbers
3. Single-zero roulette wheel
4. “La partage” & “En prison” rules applies
5. Announced bets available

Major Rules of Roulette

No matter the version, the basic rules remain the same in every game of roulette. All you need to do is to keep in mind the 3 major rules of roulette that works in almost all the iterations. Check below!

La Partage Rule

According to this rule, you’ll get half of your money back if you wagered the amount on outside bets. Having this rule in your roulette version gives you a fair chance to increase your odds of winning, and minimize the house edge to 1.35%.

En Prison Rule

En Prison Rule is applicable only if you choose to play French roulette. Another condition is that the ball must land on zero, and the player shouldn’t have wagered at zero pockets. It gives another chance to spin the wheel again for a better outcome. In case the ball lands at zero again, your bet will be nullified.

Surrender Rule

This rule allows you to get a half refund of your wagered amount. The only condition is you must not bet on zero pockets in the American roulette game.


Hot numbers refer to the numbers of the wheel that appear the most whereas cold numbers appear the least. These numbers can help you make better decisions, and earn money.

Even Bet in Roulette comes with a payout of 1:1. For example, if you have placed a bet of INR 100, you’ll be credited another INR 100 by the casino in your account.

French roulette offers an RTP of 98.65% which is comparatively higher than other versions. Also, it comes with two special rules called the La Partage and En Prison that helps you boost your winning odds.

Luckily, if the ball landed on zero, you’ll be rewarded with 35 times your original bet. As the payout on the zero spots is 35:1.

Let’s say you have wagered an amount of INR 500 on a straight bet with a payout of 1:1. It means you’ll get the winning amount equivalent to your original bet i.e. a total of INR 1000/-.from the casino.

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